Learn How To Use Advanced Installer Hub Via The Shared Web Hosting Control Panel

Quick Intro

Advanced Installer Hub is a separate application with a control window accessible from the main Web Control Panel.

It allows you to install and manage any available Content Management System/CMS or Frameworks from the Advanced Installer Hub list.

You can install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart CMS, and many more. There are over 200+ CMSs available for the installation. Besides quick installation, you can also manage backups for each CMS, create "staging" websites, or delete the installation entirely.

The installation of the CMS takes roughly 2-3 minutes.

Important To Know Before You Begin

Note: You'll see a new tab in your Web Control Panel user's menu. It's called Installed Apps. It shows the exact apps currently installed with your account.

The Installer Hub is a separate app accessible from the Web Control Panel. It automatically places all the files for each CMS listed in the proper location in the file manager and sets up the correct file permissions.

What Can Advanced Installer Hub Do

With the Advanced Installer Hub, you have direct access to an extensive list of Content Management Systems/CMS and different frameworks that can be installed in one click.

Advanced Installer Hub automates installing the desired CMS or Framework on your account, saving you hours.

  • Manage all of your installations in one window.
  • Install any available CMS or Framework from the list (over 200+ listed).
  • Choose between the Quick Install or Advanced Installation for more options.
  • Customize the path of the installation.
  • Create and change the admin's password at any time.
  • Change Database settings if applicable.
  • Turn automated backups on or off with a custom backup rotation number.
  • Access the admin panel of any CMS that supports the Tokenisation system in one click, avoiding the login page.
  • Clone any existing installation.
  • Create a staging website for an existing installation.
  • Remove any installation entirely or partially.

How To Access Advanced Installer Hub

To access the Advanced Installer Hub from your Web Control Panel, navigate to the Website Management > Advanced Installer Hub.


How To Install CMS In One Click

All the available CMS or Frameworks are available from the Advanced Installer Hub's menu on the left. You can also use the search bar at the top left. In this example, we'll be installing the WordPress CMS.

From your Advanced Installer Hub panel, navigate to the Search bar on the top left > Type WordPress > Select WordPress > Click Install button on the left side of the window > Fill out all the fields as needed for your installation > Optionally, you can select the Custom Install for more options > Click Install at the bottom of the page > Click the Web Host Most logo icon on the left to see your installation.

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