Learn How To Enable & Assign Your DNSSEC Records Via The Web Hosting Control Panel

Quick Intro

Once you have assigned your domain name to the Web Control Panel, you can also enable security for your DNS records, named DNSSEC.

DNSSEC stands for DNS Security (Domain Name System Security Extensions). It plays a vital role when using SMTP and adds an extra layer of security for your domain.

By default, the DNSSEC option is turned Off on the server, so you have to turn it On manually.

Important To Know Before You Begin

DNSSEC will not affect your domain name. You can always have it Off, but we highly recommend turning it On for even better security.

When you enable this option, it'll generate secure certificates that must be assigned to your zone. It's all done automatically. You only have to click two buttons to turn it On and then assign.

How To Enable & Assign DNSSEC

To enable & assign DNSSEC Records, from your Web Control Panel navigate to: Domain Management > DNS Management > DNSSEC > Generate Keys > Click Confirm > Once keys has been generated, click Sign Your Zone, and you are all set.


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