Learn About Transferring Existing Domain Name To Us & How To Do It Via The Client Area

Quick Intro

If you already have a registered Domain Name with another registrar, you can always transfer it to us as long the domain extension is supported by our service. Not all the domain extensions are supported by us.
On this Domain Transfer page, you can find the table with all the supported domain extensions.

Important To Know Before You Begin

To transfer the existing Domain Name to our servers, Unlock it first. Find the Domain Security options from your original Domain Registrar's panel and Unlock it.

In most cases to get the domain unlocked, you'll have to follow the steps by your current registrar. Once unlocked, you must request the Authorization Code, a.k.a EPP Code.

What is the EPP Code?

EPP stands for "Extensible Provisioning Protocol." It is a protocol used primarily by domain name registries and registrars for domain name management. The EPP protocol facilitates the registration, management, and transfer of domain names between registrars. When you want to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another, you typically need to obtain an EPP code (also known as an authorization code or transfer code) from your current registrar to initiate the transfer process with the new registrar.


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