Learn About Two-Step Authentication/2FA & How To Use It Via The Shared Web Hosting Control Panel

Quick Intro

Two-step authentication, also known as 2FA, is a method of securing your account by adding an extra layer of security. One of the most popular and secure apps for this purpose is Google Authenticator, which can be downloaded for both Android & iOS.

When 2FA is enabled, you have to enter the temporary one-time password that can be taken from the Google Authenticator App. This way, even if your password has been stolen, it won't be possible to access your account.

Important To Know Before You Begin

There are two ways you can access your Web Control Panel:

  1. From your Client Area > Services > Select your hosting service > Click Login To DirectAdmin.
    You can't automatically login from your Client Area into the Web Control Panel if you manually changed the Web Control Panel's password. You also can't automatically login via Client Area if you are using Two-Step Authentication/2FA.
  2. You can access your Web Control Panel directly with your Login and Password that was initially sent via Email when purchasing the service plan. NOTE: If password has been changed, use your new password to log into the Web Control Panel.

You can change the password for the Web Control Panel, but you can't change the Username.

Since we have multiple servers across the globe, make sure you are logging into the server where your account was created. For example, if your account has been created in server2.webhostmost.com, you won't be able to log into your Web Control Panel using server1.webhostmost.com.

Enabling The Two-Step Authentication

From your Web Control Panel navigate to: Security Management > Two-Step Authentication > Click Generate Secret button in the Secret section > Open your Authenticator App, and enter the generated code or use your camera to scan the QR code > When added to your Authenticator App, enter the 6 digits into the Web Control Panel QR Code section and click Test to ensure it's working > Click Save when done.

Scratch Codes - How To Create

Scratch Codes are one-time use codes in case you don't have your phone with your Google Authenticator App, so keep them safe.

You can use these codes to log in. However, the code used expires automatically after its usage. When you generate codes, the set of multiple codes is given, and you can also generate a new set.

To use your Scratch Codes, you have to create them first.

From your Web Control Panel, navigate to Security Management > Two-Step Authentication > Select Scratch Codes tab > Add Codes > Click Add Codes.

 Scratch Codes - How To Use It

You can use your Scratch Codes only when you have 2FA enabled. It works for the Web Control Panel to log in.

When you can't access your phone with the Authenticator App, you can still log in using your Scratch Code instead of the Autheticator's code.

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