Learn About Password Protected Directories & How To Use It Via The Shared Web Hosting Control Panel

Quick Intro

Password Protected Directories allow you to secure different paths of your website with a password. Once you set up the password to the path you need, visitors won't be able to access it without the password.

For example, if you secure the public_html folder with the password, visitors won't be able to access your main website without the password. It's a good thing when you need to hide your project until it's ready or for any other reason.

Important To Know Before You Begin

Note: Not all the paths are available for the Password Securing. If you see the specific folder is disabled for selection, there's nothing you can do about it. The system decides which paths are acceptable for security.

Protecting public_html Path With A Password

From your Web Control Panel navigate to: Security Management > Password Protected DIrectories > Add Protected DIrectory > Select desired path for the password protection, for example, public_html > Set any Protected Directory Prompt > Type username for login in the Set/Update User field > Set a strong password > Click Protect.

Once you set the password protection for the specific path, make sure you try to access this path from the browser to see what happened.

If you secure the entire public_html folder, it'll lock the whole website located in that folder.


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