Learn About Redis & How It Can Speed Up Your Website

Quick Intro

Redis is a caching system that temporarily stores information in a key-value data structure inside the RAM instead of the memory disk. Since accessing RAM is 150,000 times faster than accessing a disk and 500 times faster than accessing an SSD, it means speed. Redis cache is popular because it is available in almost all major programming languages.

Important To Know Before You Begin

Activating Redis for your account creates a "Socket" on the server level. A socket is a method the server system uses to transfer data between two system processes.

When you activate Redis, it creates a (hidden) folder inside of your root file directory, named /.redis (The period in front of the folder or file name indicates hidden folder or hidden file).
After Redis has been enabled, you'll need to use the generated path to the Redis socket file as your main Redis Address, when setting up Cache on different CMS platforms.

Redis is turned off by default on the server, so manual activation is required.

How To Enable Redis On The Server

Redis can be enabled on the server in a single click.

From your Web Control Panel, is to navigate to Website Management > Redis > Toggle the button to enable/disable.

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