Learn How To Manage Your SQL Database Manager Via The Web Control Panel

Quick Intro

SQL Database Manager allows you to create and manage your databases. You are not limited by the number of databases you can create. Keep in mind that the Database takes up your Disk space. You can connect your Databases to your Web projects or any other hosted CMS using your database credentials.

Important To Know Before You Begin

To create a Database, you must set up a Database Name, Database Username, and Database Password.

By default, the Database Username is the same as your Database Name. You can set any custom Database Name if you deselect (Same As Database Name).

The Database Password can be generated randomly if you click the icon located in the Password field. Or, set your password.

Each Database has unique credentials and does not interfere with other created databases in your account.

NOTE: Your database credentials will start with a part of your login information, and it's not editable.

Creating New Database

From your Web Control Panel navigate to: Website Management > SQL Database Manager > Create New Database > Enter desired Database Name > Leave your Database Name by default (unless you need to change it) > Enter your secure password > Click Create Database.


Once your Database has been created, you can manage it using a graphical interface via phpMyAdmin, if needed.

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