Learn How To Manage Your Domain Pointers Via The Web Hosting Control Panel

Quick Intro

Once you have assigned your domain name to the Web Control Panel, you can also manage your Domain Pointers.

Domain Pointers help you escape complex situations and point old domains to your new domain without assigning redundant domains to your Web Control Panel.

For example, you have had a domain name mediaplanetgroup.com, and decided to get a new domain name mediapla.net, but still want to manage both domain name DNS separately.

Important To Know Before You Begin

You can't use links to your new domain or any other domain taken by any other user of Web Host Most. For example, if your new domain name is mediapla.net, you can't use its links to create the pointer.

How To Create Domain Pointer

From your Web Control Panel navigate to: Domain Management > Domain Pointers > Create Domain Pointer > Enter old domain (the one which you want to redirect to your new domain).

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